Know Why Cursed Season 2 Got Cancelled on Netflix?

Cursed Season 2 Updates: Cursed is a story of Fantasy drama that was taken from the book and the book was also named Cursed. The 1st season of cursed was telecasted on the platform of Netflix. The story of Cursed was written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler and these two people are the producers of the series.

The series Cursed recreated Arthurian who was the legend of England but for the story of Cursed, it was made of Nimue and was created by Katherine Langford. She used to act in the teen drama series on Netflix.

The reason to watch cursed is that it tells us about the journey of Nimue who tried to complete her mum’s wish to get Merlin with a sword. She accepted the challenges which were called Red Paladins. The sword got an order to kill the Fey.

Why Did Netflix Cancel The Cursed Season 2?

Cursed Season 2
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There are many chances for the cancellation of the 2nd season of the Cursed because it wasn’t liked by many people and didn’t reach their expectations. The story of Cursed was praised by 67% out of 100 percent. The rotten Tomatoes and Market Ratings were 53 percent satisfied.

The production company of the series was unable to produce it properly on Netflix. After the addition of Langford who was famous on the platform, Netflix’s assumptions were about Merlin when the book was published. Rather than all these the Cursed was in the Top 10 chart for only a few weeks.

Some people who liked Cursed had supported saving it with some hashtags. The Cursed even didn’t cross the shows like The last Kingdom and Game of Thrones but it was one of the famous shows on Netflix. In July, it was placed in third place of most-watched.

As we all know that there won’t be any new season of Cursed. The creators of the Series and Netflix were in confusion about the release of it due to the pandemic situation. At last, it was publicized in the month of July of 2020.

The 1st season of the season was a combination of 10 episodes rather than these 10 there won’t be any new episodes. If there are some changes to come back of the new season it may release in the year 2022.

Cast Information Of Cursed

Cursed Season 2
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• Katherine Langford performed as Nimue
• Gustaf Skarsgard performed as Merlin
• Daniel Sharman performed as The Weeping Monk
• Peter Mullan performed as Father Carden
• Matt Stokoe performed as Gawain
• Bella Dayne performed as Red Spear
• Polly Walker performed as Lady Lunete
• Sebastian performed as Armesto
• Catherine Walker performed as Lenore
• Frank Miller performed as Brother Horde
• Adaku Ononogbo performed as Kaze
• Johannes Haukur performed as Cumber The Ice King
• Clive Russell performed as Wroth The Tusk Commander
• Richard Brake performed as Brother Theophilius
• Sean Gilder performed as Bors
• Olwen Fouere performed as Yeva
• Clare Holman performed as Lady Cacher
• Jaye Griffiths performed as Lady Marion
• Selva Rasalingam performed as Dizier
• Kieran O’Brien performed as Reith
• Angus Wright performed as Sir Steuben
• Peter Guinness performed as Sir Ector
• Nicholas Boulton performed as Sir Bedivere
• Clive Francis performed as Pope Abel

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