Why Netflix Canceled Cursed Season 2 After One Season?

Cursed Season 2 Updates: Cursed, has always succeeded in getting the limelight from fans. Fans have always shown their love and support to the well-known series. The storyline is based on the life of the Arthurian legend. However, the bad news can make the fans unhappy. So, here’s everything fans should know about Cursed Season 2.
Reasons behind cancellation for season 2
However, despite the popularity, there is news that the series is going to end. Netflix has canceled the series for the next season. In July 2020, the series with a total of 10- episodes got its streaming. However, after they realize there was no further information about the series.
After waiting for one year, fans didn’t get any update of the series. Recently, many more series got canceled by Netflix, and hence curse is also on the same list. As the name says, the series got cursed for next season. The fantasy series based on a medieval period is now on its end.

What’s the storyline of the Cursed Season 2?

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The series is based on the novel written by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The story is about the life of the lady who belongs to the Arthurian legend. Katherine Langford as Nimue plays the role of the heroine who is cursed. However, later it was known that she is fortunate to be the superior magical woman of the lake.
After several twists and turns, Nimue becomes powerful. Further, she became the sign of power and strength in war with Red Paladins. Red Paladins are a group of several people who are violent and are against magic. They want to remove the magic from the village. The series has got all tastes of love, courage, religion, and many more.
Reviews were not as expected
However, the basic idea of the series was particular and new. But it failed to stand up to the expectations of the viewers as well as makers. And that’s the main reason behind the cancellation of the series. Viewers didn’t get attracted to the series.
The series got only 67% ratings and only 53% as the audience score. Moreover, the pandemic is also the reason and Netflix has got large no. Of projects piled up for its release. And perhaps, cursed has got lower potential to grab large no. Of public as compared to other series. Its failure to get more audience despite strong storyline or popularity the series has now ended with just one season.
However, after the news fans even started the campaign to save the series from ending. Maybe, fans could get another novel continuing the story. Whatever happens, fans can get all information regarding the series here.

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