Kaylee Bryant Is Hoping Her “Legacy Lives On” As She Is Leaving “Legacies After Season 4”

Kaylee Bryant Updates: We have seen many series and movies and their sequels too and in this process, we started seeing the actors of that…

Published: December 18th, 2021 2:34 am | Updated: December 18, 2021 2:34 am

Kaylee Bryant Updates: We have seen many series and movies and their sequels too and in this process, we started seeing the actors of that particular movie or series exactly the same as the characters they have portrayed.

We know actors through that characters and sometimes it happens that we don’t know their real name but we do remember them through the roles they have played. But it gets a little complicated and a little sad when we got to know that we are not going to see that character through the same face.

It happens when the actor leaves the role or that character leaves the movie or series. Recently the same thing happened with the character called Josie which was played by Kaylee Bryant.

Kaylee Bryant, the 24-year-old American actor, and model is famously known for her role in the series Legacies on The CW. Kaylee Bryant who has started her modeling career mere at the age of 7 has now become a successful actress in Hollywood and people are loving her role as Josie. But unfortunately, these all got a full stop when Kaylee announced that she is leaving Legacies.

We won’t be able to see her as a Josie Saltzman anymore. The actress made her final appearance on the episode of 16 December 2021. She then took her social media handle to share her feelings related to it and said that “legacies lives on”. She took Instagram after the release of this episode where she captioned a beautiful message and called herself a fan of The Vampire Diaries and later she wrote that ” her(Josie) legacies lives on”.

Why Kaylee Bryant Leaving After Legacies Season 4?


We have seen Kaylee Bryant portraying the lead of Legacies since 2018 where she portrayed the role of Lizzie’s twin sister and the daughter of Alaric and Jo. The leaving of Kaylee won’t be a full stop for her. The producer of the series, that is Julie and Brett said that her leaving doesn’t mean that the door is closed for her.

They wished her a great success ahead, healthy life and they wanted her career to grow and at last, they said that the doors will always be open to her. Due to this statement of producers, fans are now hoping that they may be able to see Kaylee Bryant again in Legacies.

When it comes to Kaylee in the role of Josie then Kylee said that she learned a lot from this character. Kaylee herself being a queer woman has related a lot to Josie, a queer too. She said that she learned a lot from her as she carries beauty and confidence in herself that Kaylee always wanted. Kaylee came in front as queer in June 2021 and she feels very happy about it.