Tom Holland Went Teary And Broke Down At The Premiere Of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tom Holland Updates: When one says acting is just a profession then it is wrong, acting is also an emotion too. The actors who portray a particular role or characters know it better than how difficult is to feel an emotion that the character demands.

Hollywood actors have always proved that acting is more than a profession, it’s a life that one live, the sadness, the happiness, the anger, everything requires in the process of acting not just as professional but at a personal level too. Something like this happened recently when actor Tom Holland got emotional.

Tom Holland, 25, the Spiderman famed actor has always shown his goofy side with his costars like Zendaya. But recently he became very emotional during the premiere of Spider-Man No Way Home. The 25 years old actor teared up a bit on 13 December, Monday on the occasion of his upcoming movie premiere.

He could not help himself but cry a bit and gets emotional in front of the media and fans. His videos and photos of his tearing up in red eyes went viral all over the internet. The actor was seen wearing all black and he was looking very handsome.

Tom Holland At the Premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home

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The premiere was on 13 December where we have seen almost all the actors and members of the third movie in the trio of Spiderman. We have seen Zendaya and Tom together. But it was not at this moment when Tom became teary, it was the moment when Tom was about the leave the scene.

Tom was leaving the place and was about to sit in his car but then he started interacting with his fans and he went teary. The fans felt the same way and tried to console him. Fans were also feeling emotional and they took the internet to open up about it. Some of them wrote that it hurts when Tom cries.

Recently the actor was in news regarding his relationship with his co-actor Zendaya. The couple is now official and we can see their romance not just in interviews that they do for film promotion but also on their Instagram handles where they share each other’s photos and support each other to the most.

It was the first time that we have seen Tom Holland like this. The reason is very obvious, it is because of the fact that the contract between Tom Holland and Marvel is now finished so this movie will be the last movie of Tom Holland as Spider Man. And that is the reason why he went emotional with fans. Hope we can see Tom more in Marvell movies.

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