Tom Holland shows us his fun side by leaving the ‘first’ comment on actor Zendaya’s Instagram account.

Tom Holland revealed his fun side by leaving the ‘first’ comment on actor Zendaya’s Instagram account. This 25-year-old couple, both have done the Spiderman series together and been close since then,

Zendaya recently posted a picture of herself flaunting her outfit for NAACP Image Awards, and several of her friends went crazy about the look in the comments.

The Spiderman starrer also said something different about his girlfriend that unexpectedly read ‘first,’ indicating that he kept the catch of her account.

Actor Tom Holland and Zendaya officially met each other while shooting for the Spiderman series, in which they were working as main leads.

Tom Holland Comments on Zendaya’s Recent Post

Tom Holland

Zendaya and Tom Holland started being together a lot and created a bond, many times they denied being together but recently the rumor got confirmed after much time together while promoting the film.

It was obvious that the two were being lovey-dovey and not JUST FRIENDS, they used to be seen together a lot apart from promoting the movies, shooting it, and being in any interviews, the casual hangouts became their daily routine.

Actress Zendaya who has worked in 2019 and is still on series was also initially rumored to have been in a secret relationship with her co-star of the series Jacob Elordi, who has worked in the movies trilogy THE KISSING BOOTH.

But the rumor never got confirmed that they were together, Euphoria actress and Spiderman starrer Holland slowly became more friendly and chill with public appearances and affirmation about each other’s relationship, and they started leaving comments for each other on their posts.

We find it really cute that the two most dashing personalities of the industry are dating each other, whose careers are at their peak, and we are hoping for them to get a new work together so we can watch a couple more.

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