Spider-Man: No Way Home Premiere – Zendaya stops Tom Holland in his tracks

Spider-Man: No Way Home Premiere! When Zendaya walks in the door, everything comes to a halt, even Tom Holland. Holland stopped in the middle of a conversation with ET’s Nischelle Turner at the Los Angeles premiere of their new film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, on Monday night to watch his leading actress walk down the red carpet.

As the screams and praises from the crowd became louder and louder, Holland replied, “I think Zendaya just showed up.” “It sounds like Zendaya has just arrived.”

Turner and Holland both turned to catch a peek of Zendaya before confirming that she was really entering the premiere.

While Holland is clearly awestruck by his 25-year-old co-star, he is equally astounded by his own Spider-Man experience.

Holland acknowledged, “I honestly feel a little bit numb.” “This has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve been on this path since the day I was cast. My agent is here, and we were just discussing the first time I received a callback and thought to myself, ‘Oh, wow, maybe I can get this project.’ We’re marketing Spider-Man 3 right now. I’m completely taken aback. To share it with my family and friends. To be honest, this means everything.”

And it appears that there may be more to Holland’s Spider-Man saga, with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige telling ET that he wants Holland back for the next trilogy superhero series, which was announced earlier this month by No Way Home producer Amy Pascal.

Spider-Man: No Way Home TOm HOlland and Zendaya

“Wow, that’s fantastic news,” Holland exclaimed. “That’s fantastic. Kevin reigns supreme. Amy reigns supreme. They remind me of my parents. They’re fantastic, and I adore them. And I’ll be there if they want me back.”

Holland returned to the carpet after speaking with ET, where he posed for photos with the Spider-Man cast and for a few solo photographs with Zendaya.

While Holland wore a dark brown suit, Zendaya wore a black mesh dress with a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit to keep the spider concept she brought to the film’s London photocall alive. The outfit was covered in black spider web-like sequins. The Euphoria actress wore her hair in cornrow braids and paired it with a pair of equally sparkly black heels.

The duo made their red-carpet debut as a couple earlier this month at a London photocall, posing together for the first time since the Spider-Man star acknowledged their relationship in a November interview.

Holland dressed in a Celine costume that includes a black leather jacket, matching pants, and a white collared shirt for the occasion. According to Vogue, Zendaya wore an enormous, crystal-encrusted Alexander McQueen blazer with glittery tights and spider-web earrings.

Holland and Zendaya look more in love than ever in one of the red carpet photos, as they stare into each other’s eyes with smiles on their faces. Other images show the couple grinning and wrapping their arms around each other.

Following Holland’s GQ interview, in which he acknowledged his relationship with Zendaya after suspicion began in July when they were spotted kissing in his car, the pair have made a series of public appearances.

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