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Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian Spotted Holding Hands On Romantic Horse Ride in Mexico

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Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian Updates: ‘Kravis’ was most affectionately seen during a horseback ride in Capo San Lucas, filmed by Rockstar’s teenage son Landon and recorded on Director.

Kourtney and then his fiance Travis has really enjoyed a great and fantastic romantic horseback ride with their children while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Travis is 46 years old, and Courtney is 42 years old, were seen holding hands and riding side by side before the 18-year-old photographed himself on his horse.

Travis’ daughter Alabama is 15 years old, and Courtney’s son Rein Dzik is 6 years old, can be seen enjoying the beach cruise on their own horses. Check out the video below!

The horseback riding scenes of  Kravis and their loved ones were so beautiful. The sky before sunset shone over their heads and the group slowly rode the animals across the beach near the beautiful water. Kourtney and Travis hugged each other tightly as their horses roamed the sand.

Keeping up with the Kardashians, Alam wore a purple floral top and black jean shorts, while her soon-to-be husband wore a black skull shirt, pants, and hat.

Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian In Mexico

Travis Barker
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While both of Travis’ children were on a family trip, Court’s son, Mason D’Sic is11 years old, and daughter, Penelope D’Sic is 9 years old, apparently did not go to Mexico. The trip is to celebrate the 46th birthday of the Blink-182 drummer, although they began their celebrations last weekend on November 13 at the wedding of friend Simon Huck in California. During the reception, the wedding participant filmed a video. Bush founder dances on Travis’ lap Prideside by The Killers.

Speaking of weddings, Travis and Kourtney are excited for the day they will become husband and wife. The A-list couple got engaged just over a month ago, but they already have some wedding plans.

They are planning a small, intimate wedding, and they are only planning to invite those closest to them,  a source told Hollywood Life magazine in October.  Honestly, in their minds, as long as they’re with each other, the day is already considered perfect.

Our source said that Kourtney and Travis were playing with a few more dates to walk the aisle and that we were coming up with two ideas based on location.  Because of Travis’ fear of flying, it’s not going to be a distant destination wedding,  the source added, noting how the two want to enjoy their special day.