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Megan Fox Stunning Photos that Could Melt the Internet

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Updates: Do you remember your first Hollywood Girl Crush? Sure, we can’t speak for everyone, but it’s safe to say that for many there is none other than Megan Fox. From Transformers to Jennifer, the actress has been stealing the hearts of audiences for years with her killer talent and insane beauty.

Megan has always had an amazing figure. But during his 10-year marriage to fellow actor Brian Austin Green, he wore slightly less fancy clothes and did so in June 2020 after he started dating rocker Machine Gun Kelly.

When she married Brian, Megan wanted little black dresses, strapless cocktail mini dresses, and went for a more conservative look, including long lace gowns. During the marriage, she had three children with the former BH90210 star, who was expelled from the sexy fashion game during her pregnancy.

The couple share three sons: Noah, born in 2012, Bodhi, born in 2014, and this journey was conceived when Meghan and Brian, born in 2016, separated. Megan’s style became so hot that she started dating MGK, whom she called her soul mate.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox
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Fans of costumes that combine this pair, and rocker/actor – real name Coulson Baker – want to make his girlfriend look as sexy as possible. When the teenage mutant ninja turtles star arrived for the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, she changed her head in a skinny dress.

When Megan posed on the red carpet, she looked completely naked from some angles. The gown is MGK’s Idea! It was like you were going to be naked tonight. ” No matter what you say, Dad! The star of Johnny and Clyde said on Entertainment Tonight that she is very proud of her boyfriend. He is the most talented guy in the world.

The next night, Megan attended the 2021 Med Gala solo and showed off her fashion sense without MGK’s input. She came in a red sequin dandy gown with the front fully open, both with chrysanthemum straps. Megan told show host KK Palmer that I was not afraid to be sexy. There is nothing more dangerous than a woman who is smart and knows how to handle her beauty. There is nothing more powerful than that.