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MGK Dodges Punch Thrown By Conor McGregor At VMAs While Megan Fox Was In His Arms

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Updates: When Conor presented the Artist of the Year award – to his friend, Justin Bieber – McGregor did not mention MGK or the alleged controversy.

“Conor and [his girlfriend Dee Devlin] are in their seats to enjoy the program. Conor informs all his fans, “a spokesman for McGregor told the crowd.

Fact: It’s been almost two months since Conor McGregor broke his leg during a fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, but the MMA star appeared to be in a state of shock during the 2021 MTV Music Video awards. Conor, 33, appears to have got into an altercation with Machine Gun Kelly, of everyone, before the event on September 12, over TMZ.

MGK, 31, was on the red carpet with his girlfriend, Megan Fox, when things got tense between him and McGregor. Conor, wearing a pink suit, was photographed stretching out his arm, as if taking a swing from a rocker. HollywoodLife reached out to both camps for confirmation of the allegations.

Conor McGregor Vs MGK

Conor McGregor

In the paparazzi photos taken in the controversy, Conor can be seen reaching out to Kelly, but it doesn’t seem like he was able to get MGK – or if he ever got close to her. Conor is held by a guard in the hand, and the “Famous” fighter looks very upset with the “My Bloody Valentine” singer.

TMZ reported that Conor had requested a photo from MGK, which MGK denied. TMZ also says its sources say things have “escalated into [MGK] pressure on Conor,” which has led to the Irishman stepping back and wasting his drink.

Conor allegedly laughed at the remnants of his drink at Kelly and Megan, who was nearby. The right teams of MGK and McGregor split things up before things got worse.

McGregor was given his walking stick – still recovering from leg surgery following a loss to the UFC – and both he and MGK entered the Barclays Center for the event. Apparently, McGregor swung a stick at MGK’s move during the altercation, according to PEOPLE.

This is probably not the way MGK and Megan were expecting to leave at night when they got to the red carpet. Before the 2021 VMAs, the couple scratched their belongings while looking their best. Megan wore a bright, shiny dress adorned with silver crystals.

The striped dress showed off her silver underwear, which filled the entire piece. MGK walked in a bright red suit, with silver crystals sticking to his cheeks and nose. The couple was like a description of love – and with a heartbeat later, these lovers almost turned into fights.