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Megan Fox Spotted With Machine Gun Kelly While Wearing Vans Old Skool Sneaker.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Updates: Contrary to the opinion of style icon Gary Bradshaw, we think you can have multiple pairs of shoes – especially when you usually buy $ 900 Manolo Blahniks. However, we firmly believe that there is one type of shoe you can always reasonably rack up: sneakers.

No matter what trendy shoes currently inflate your Instagram feed (we see you, watches, and crocs), sneakers will not lose their charm. The latest sneaker we add to our collection – thanks to Megan Fox’s endorsement – is Vance Old School Sneaker.

This fall, celebrities went left and right in van sneakers; Supermodels Gaia Gerber and Emily Radhajkovsky continue to attack the NYC sidewalk, Kristen Stewart often kicks while traveling, Olivia Wilde repeatedly checks vans slip-on, and Megan Fox (seen in Greece) John Wei earlier this week. Hands with Machine gun kelly.

Megan Fox With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox

While Cool-Girl Megan Vance Old School sneakers are worn with a comfortable sweatshirt and bulky cape, the ways to style them are endless. Sporty shoes go well with casual jeans and t-shirts, but as Gerber has proven on many occasions, the sneaker-sundress-combo is an important summer style.

Vans are great for countless excursions: Rachel Pilson runs the grocery store, pays homage to Lucy Haley for a coffee walk, or rides a bike in a bikini like Courtney Kardashian.

Made with suede and exaggerated stitching, these versatile sneakers add a little fringe at any time of the year (unlike Ms. Bradshaw’s fancy stilettos.) The Signature Stripe, unlike any other brand of OG skater sneaker, is instantly recognizable. -Cool kicks like vans. Also, the prices are reasonable – unlike the sneakers that celebrities like from brands like Golden Goose and Easy.

With a variety of colors and styles ranging from hightops to slip-on, every outfit has a pair of vans so you can wear this cozy classic for years to come.  Below, buy more vans old school sneakers in platform, low-top, and core classic style.