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Tom Holland shared a picture of Zentaya and his doon premiere appearance. Zendaya responded to this post. Check it out here.

Actor Tom Holland has shared a picture of actor-girlfriend Zendaya in the first scene of his upcoming Toon movie. On Instagram on Monday, Tom dropped a black and white picture of Zendaya attending an event in London.

In the photo, Gentia chose a white gown, tied her hair, and wore ear studs, rings, stacked bracelets, and bumps. Heart Eye Emoji, titled “Doon”, titled Tom Holland. Zendaya responded to this post by dropping an emotional facial emoji.

On Zentaya’s birthday last month, Tom shared a picture with her. To which he replied, “My MJ, be very happy on your birthday. Call xxx when you wake up.”

Zendaya Gets Emotional Over Tom Holland

Earlier this year, Tom and Zendaya attended their friends’ wedding. Fans shared photos and videos of the ceremony. In the posts shared on Instagram, the newlyweds were seen holding hands as they enjoyed their first dance.

Some of the pictures that Tom and Zentaya are making in the car went viral earlier this year, confirming to fans that they are dating. In July 2017, a source told the People’s Press that Zendaya and Tom were in love.

But Zendaya stopped speculating the same month after tweeting, “My favorite is to say we’re going on vacation together HA! I’m not on vacation for years! Hbu @TomHolland1996 ???”

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