Shanna Moakler Spotted Crying Over A Call In LA

Shanna Moakler Update: It is no secret that Travis Barker got engaged to his lady love Kourtney Kardashian. Fans from all around the world are pouring their heartfelt wishes and blessings to the power celebrity couple. After all, there is finally good news at this terrible time. However, not all are truly happy with this news. At least, not Shanna Moakler. The ex-wife of Barker was spotted getting emotional during a phone call in a parking lot on October 26. 

Fans speculated that this might be because of Barker’s engagement to Kourtney. After all, it’s always somehow tough to see your ex-lover with someone new. Additionally, people noticed that Moakler had posted a few cryptic messages and posts on social networking sites that indirectly threw shade to the recently engaged couple. 

Shanna Moakler Spotted Crying

Recently, Shanna took to Instagram and posted a story. It read that she was focusing on herself and peace by temporarily closing herself for spiritual maintenance. Fans were quick to point a thing out. They feel the post was an indirect means to throw shade at the engagement news. 

However, Shanna quickly shut down the rumors. She said that she didn’t make any comments on whatever is currently going on. She also mocked these people by sarcastically thanking and referring to them as newfound psychologists, family therapists, spiritual counselors, monsters, and desperate housewives. She further added that their opinions and assumptions come straight from the trash. 

Shanna also made headlines when she posted a still from the 1993 film Point of No Return that showed Anne Bancroft telling Bridget Fonda that she didn’t mind about the little things. The photo was captioned with a lip print emoji which many people believed was a cold response to Travis Barker covering up his previous tattoo of Shanna’s name inside of a heart on his arm. He has now covered that tattoo up with another tattoo of a giant scorpion along with Kourtney’s lips. See Shanna’s Instagram stories here and Travis Barker’s new tattoo here.

However, Kourtney is unaffected by all these direct and indirect shades. A source close to her told media outlets that Kourtney doesn’t care about Shanna or anyone’s opinion that has negativity towards her relationship. She is happily in love and, that’s what all matters to her. 

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