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Dune Updates: Dune is a Hollywood Scientific thriller movie. The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve, he won the best director of Canadian screen awards which is formerly known as the Genie award.

The ace director won the awards for films namely, Maelström (2001) a psychological drama about a businesswoman and how her past affects the future, Polytechnique (2009) a drama which discusses the experiences of two students who witnessed a gunman who killed fourteen young women, Incendies (2010) a drama which travels along with twins who are trying to uncover the past that their mother lived through in middle east war grounds, Enemy (2013) a drama that focuses about two identical-looking men with contrasting characters and roles.

You might have noticed a pattern in these films, that is all of them are either related to the psychological condition of the characters or discusses a scientific topic that is boring at first sight but has layers of interesting details. The new movie, Dune is no different from this as it is an intense scientific drama.

The plot of the movie is based on a 1965 novel that is named the same as the movie. The baseline of the movie is almost identical to the films that the director made in the past, a family and a native tribe getting involved in an intense war in dangerous terrain. The film is heavily focused on the psychological and social damage caused by the war. The name is based on the desert terrain which they are fighting.

Dune Release Date Revealed


The famous production and distribution company, Paramount pictures tried to adapt the story into a live-action drama but it was failed due to numerous reasons.

They tried to adopt a new version of the already existing work present in the novel. Following the failure Legendary entertainment production company brought the rights for the movie and the development started shortly.

Villeneuve expressed his interest in making the film which lead to him being the director and he oversaw the script and screenplay. The movie premiered recently at the Venice film festival and got huge attention as sci-fi thrillers are widely successful in recent times it is expected that this film will impress the general audience.

But the movie is not being released on HBO max immediately as rumored it won’t be aired directly on HBO Max. HBO Max announced that the movie will be available on HBO Max after 31 days from the day of release on theaters. The movie will be available on paid HBO Max version. Thank you for reading.

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