Zendaya Wished Co-star Timothee Chalamet Happy 27th Birthday With BTS Picture!

Zendaya has celebrated the birthday of Timothee Chalamet in a rare behind the scene picture. We have seen how the actors work in the same film and share an incredible bonding of friendship.

Most of the time it is related to sharing the position in front of cameras however they also continue it after the finishing of the project. If we talk about the Friendship present in Hollywood then it appears to be incredible.

Whether it is related to a birthday or any new project of celebrities then they never forget to wish them.

Something like this happened with the actress Zendaya who wished the actor Timothee Chalamet ha happy 27th birthday.

They both have worked for the hit movie called Dune and since then, they have shared an amazing bonding. Coming to the birthday wish then she has written “Happy Birthday to this kid” in which the kid is definitely Timothee.

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Here you can check out the BTS of Zendaya and Timothe Chalamet Photoshoot.


Coming to the picture then the actress Zendaya was seen wearing an orange dress with several cuts. And when it comes to Timothee then he was seen laughing in the background while wearing white pants and a brown jacket.

The behind the pictures we incredible as we have seen them in amazing expressions like a fool. He was making a funny face as if he was making any kind of announcement to the sky.

Apart from the birthday messages coming from Zendaya, Timothee has shared his incredible throwback picture of himself. Since he turned 27 on 27th December so it has been an incredible occasion for him. Apart from Zendaya, many other celebrities have also wished him his 27.

Coming to the film Dune in which Zendaya and Timothee appeared as leading characters then it was released in October 2021. The movie has gained 10 Oscar nominations of which 6 went to the winning list. Among them was the credit of editing and cinematography. They both are right now working on the second part that might be released somewhere in 2023.

The film and the shooting have already been completed and that’s what Timothee Chalamet has shared on social media. He was seen wearing nothing, just shirtless for a selfie.

Both the actors are busy with their work but at the same time, they never forget to remember each other. And that’s what we can say through the story of Zendaya on Instagram.