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Kate Hudson Sings Alicia Keys With Rani Rose In Hilarious Mother-Daughter Video

Kate Hudson
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Kate Hudson Updates: One of the famous American actresses Kate Hudson and her very young daughter Rani Rose sang an inspired rendition of the ‘Girl on Fire’ song by Alicia Keys. The three-year-old Ranu Rose and her forty-two-year-old mom were over-sweet in the video and it made fans go crazy online as the video surfaced swiftly across social media lately.

Rani Rose who is just three years old now could have a career in Hollywood in the future as fans were overjoyed by her cuteness. Kate Hudson shared the delightful video in which she and her daughter, 3, performing a very spirited rendition of Alicia Keys’ famous song “Girl on Fire.”

The clip was on Instagram on October 7, by Kate Hudson the actress’ daughter with musician Danny Fujikawa sang the lyrics to her favorite song as she slowly being emerged from behind a baby gate. “7:30 am showing!” Kate Hudson’s caption for the post.

Kate Hudson Video

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson added in the caption that “Rani’s favorite song This Girl Is On Fire” revealing her daughter’s preferences in a very rare instance. Kate also added in the caption that “This is how we do it over here” which made fans and others speculate that Kate and her daughter might be into music very deeply and mostly fun-loving.

Kate’s other lines from the caption just continue to strengthen the stand as she added “…. we love putting on a show LETS GO!” which absolutely made sure some fans go very heart melt. Kate also said that her daughter, Rani opted for a soft and melodious start but eventually put her all into it once her mom joined the chorus to spice the party.

She even gave a what can only be explained as a highly cute bow at the end of her inspired performance that she put out there.

Before sharing the performance as a full video to her fans on Instagram, Kate uploaded a series of pictures that featured her daughter, Rani singing. The pictures were taken while she performed an interpretive dance. Kate added in the caption of the still post, “Interpretive dance is kind of our thing.”

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