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Sonja Morgan & Lookalike Daughter Quincy Photoshoot at the occasion of her 21st Birthday

Sonja Morgan
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Sonja Morgan Updates: Sonja Morgan posed with daughter Quincy on the occasion of her 21st Birthday and fans were confused as they looked alike with almost little to no differences. The term “ageless” was a term co-opted by one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer for her skincare business. But one of her co-stars, Sonja Morgan, almost does it better than anyone else as we continue to see over the years.

The 57-year-old star went to pose with her daughter, Quincy who just turned 21. They posted a video as a celebration of the special occasion on Thursday, October 7.

In that video, fans looked very alike and long-term fans still couldn’t get how she maintains this level of beauty even at this age and they pointed out in the comments how gorgeous Sonja looked alongside her daughter.

Sonja Morgan & Lookalike Daughter Instapost :

Sonja Morgan
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The 57-year old star pointed out that “Here’s what 21 looks like,” in the Instagram post’s caption. The video surfaced on the whole web and fans across social media commented on the video that they look very much alike and ageless also pointing out the likeness of them in a very interesting and detailed manner.

In the post ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ star the 57-year old added that her daughter is her ‘light of the life’ and ‘center of her universe’ also adding I love you in the end. Fans were reacted to that caption as that was cute, lovely, and caring.

Many of her fans also pointed out the fact how lovely they are in the video mentioning the cuteness of their celebration in the end. Quincy, the daughter of the star, celebrated her birthday with a lavish party. The party was held at the Arlo Hotel in New York City. Her mom Sonja shared another second video in the Instagram post.

The video clip featured the Birthday cake of Quincy which looked absolutely delicious, which is a three-tiered birthday cake. The cake also had sparklers firing off on top and also there were numerous friends around in the event. As Quincy became 21 years old, she had snapped of the drink menu to her Instagram story.

Reports also indicated that Sonja was also there while her daughter had her shot, which created a double wave of comments as some points out the friendly part of their relationship and others pointed out that it is too much friendliness and as usual the noise will always be there.

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