Chris Evans’ bizarre tweet about Christian Slater makes him trend on Twitter

Chris Evans Updates: The famous Chris Hemsworth took to Twitter and shared some thoughts on Christian Slater. In 1989, Christian released a movie Heathers, at the time of which he was 19 years old. Christian Slater was the trending topic after Chris Evans’s tweets.

Let us have a look at Christian Slater‘s career other than the tweet. His movie, Heathers, was a hit at the time of its release. He debuted with a leading role in “The Legend OF Billie Jean”. He also earned the ‘Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In addition to his live-action roles, he also has a history of a voice-acting career. He narrated the second season of Prehistoric Planet and many other Discovery Channel documentaries.

In 2000, he married Ryan Haddon and has two children. He was a victim of an assault by his own wife when she threw a glass at him at a party that cut Slater’s neck and required 20 stitches. In 2004, they announced separation, and in 2005, they officially separated, and a couple of years later they divorced.

What Chris Evans Shared?

Chris Evans

Slater has also been a supporter of many charities.  He also appeared in an educational video. Slater has also been arrested several times. One of which, was arrested for drunk driving and was sentenced to ten days in jail. Slater was also arrested for trying to board a commercial plane with a gun in his luggage, for which he was sentenced to three days of community service.

No matter the tweet or not Christian Slater is certainly more of a famous personality than we all think. The tweet just made him even more popular. There were many funny retweets to Chris Hemsworth‘s tweet as well.

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