Black Adam Release Date, Trailer and New Costumes

Black Adam

Black Adam Updates: Black Adam is a comic book character from the comic universe Detective Comics ( DC ). Black Adam is a villain character, that is inspired by the hero character Shazam. Shazam is a mythical superhero who wields the power of different gods and therefore acts as a medium for the spirits and uses their powers to focus.

The host that wields the power is called shazam and it passes from one shazam to the other by just saying the name which is a bummer if you think about it because it isn’t that secure considering anyone can steal your powers that easily and at the same time you’re virtually a god on your own.

Origin of Black Adam movie:

Since the Shazam movie was announced there is a talk about the live-action movie adoption of the Black Adam character. Shazam was released in 2019 and got really positive reviews for it being comical and the portrayal of shazam who is almost equal to Superman by Zachary Levi was highly rated and appreciated.

Black Adam
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Black Adam’s character has a similar origin to Shazam as they both got their powers from the same wizard, but just some thousands of years earlier. Black Adam is evolved into an anti-hero so it will be interesting to watch how Dwayne’s’ The Rock’ Johnson portrayal would be because we have seen what happened to another Hollywood superstar when he tried to be a DC hero, it went greenish.

There has been skepticism about the role of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the creative process because Warner Bros is known for its notorious decision making in the creative process and even though they are trying to go past that with Snyder cut, the wound is still fresh and with a project this big is always a question of when more than how.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced that he finished filming his portions for the film on July 15th this year and also added that they continued to film the portions he weren’t a part of and the schedule is to film the next portions in LA later this year.

The movie is expected to release next Christmas or fall and Rock mentioned that he is willing to open up and looking forward to doing more superhero movies in both DC and Marvel but we all know that either won’t that easily slip away their stars to the other but things may change in this story as this involves Rock but fans are eagerly waiting to see rock as Black Adam soon.