James Gunn Responds to Post Credit Scenes in his Films

James Gunn Updates: The Suicide Squad Director James Gunn recently revealed that all his films will have a post-credit scene to make sure that the audience keeps around for the credits.

James Gunn recently took to Twitter to reveal why his movies always have a post-credit scene. Post credit scenes which are also known as stingers or mid-credit scenes appear after most or all of the credits have rolled after the end of the movie.

The first film to have such a scene was the 1966 film Silencer. Post-credits have become recently popular and mostly appear in superhero films, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 when his old social media posts were dug up. He was hired by DC Extended Universe (DCEU) right after to direct The Suicide Squad. He was eventually rehired for the MCU project, he decided to finish The Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad is adapted from the comic of the same name by John Ostrander and follows a group of supervillains who join the group Task Force X. In the movie, Task Force X is left on an island and must complete the mission to save the world before they are allowed to leave the island. Gunn has confirmed that The Suicide Squad will have a post-credit scene and he explains why.

James Gunn: Post Credit Scenes


Gunn responded to a tweet regarding the post-credits in his film. He explained why he keeps post-credits in his films. He expressed that his post-credit scenes are to ensure that the audience sits through the credits.

Gunn believes that the people who put in so much effort to make the film should get recognition and therefore, the audience should sit through the credits and read their names. He said that he has kept something special after the credits for those who sit through it.

In recent years, post-credits have become a fairly common thing across films, television, and video games. They make sure that the audience stays through the credits to ensure that they do not miss anything.

Most of the time these stingers don’t add anything to the story but they are meant to be fun for the audience for sticking around. These post-credit scenes became immensely popular because of their use in the MCU movies.

The credits for a blockbuster film can roll on for quite some time, displaying the large number of people who put in the effort to make the film possible. Gunn has given a very reasonable explanation for keeping post-credit scenes in his film. His effort to make moviegoers appreciate those behind the movie is noble work. Suicide Squad will be released theatrically on August 6.

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