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Playing Resident Evil Village is Totally Marvelous

Resident Evil Village

Playing Resident Evil Village Updates: Capcom’s Resident Evil Franchise releases the most productive games in the Gaming industry. The recent release Resident Evil Village has become the most successful game in the franchise.

Resident Evil Village hasn’t only grossed $4.5 million with its title but also, gathered a huge fan base. A talented fan of the Resident Evil Village has designed tabletop game cards and they are so lovely in all aspects.

The franchise has completed 25 years, and in honor of that, Capcom released new content to the game. They added the latest video game entry to the series with Village and they gave a new Resident Evil Village costume to Division 2.

The costumes they have included have a crossover with the Dead by Daylight and the new anime series, Resident Evil: Infinite darkness. Although tabletop Game-cards are new to The Resident Evil franchise, the fan-made cards are may set a new path for the franchise.

All About Playing Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

The cards were designed by Kara_Naja, an Academy fine arts student. He meticulously designed them by incorporating the famous characters in the game and also their voice and motion-capture actors. He displayed his work on Twitter and many fans of the game are showing their support for his work.

The color-rich playing card includes in-game characters such as Chris Redfield, Lady Dumitrescu, and The Duke. The game card itself depicts the horror and terrifying theme of the game.

The crew and actors of the game had done an incredible job and these game cards would be a tribute to their work. No other game in the franchise has received such a welcome by the audience even before the actual release of the game. The major pre-launch promotion for the game was solely focused on Lady Dumitrescu, the tall and bewitching mistress of the castle.

Each entry in the franchise marks the death of some characters and other characters overcome the difficulty tasked to them. This has paved the way for Resident Evil 9. The official announcement regarding the next installment is not yet revealed by Capcom, however, the works are already in progress.

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