Dead by Daylight Is Removing Maps and Characters

Dead by Daylight Updates: The video game company Behaviour Interactive has declared that the Stranger Things chapter and its content will be no longer available after November 17.
Dead by Dead is a most hit multiplayer horror game that is about to lose happy crossover chapters and it must be thankful for licensing issues with Netflix’s Stranger Things.
The game was released first in 2016 which has been the admin for numerous content in form of chapters of the game where new chapters and maps are introduced every few months with mix and original content. The fans have witnessed some iconic villains like Micheal Myers, Freddy Krueger and now Pinhead adds to Dead by Deadlight.
In 2019 to uplift the excitement of the release of Stranger Things season 3, Behaviour Interactive has imposed a licensing deal to get access through crossover Chapter witnessing the iconic Netflix series. In this chapter, we saw many heroes Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington entering the fog along with the famous actor Demogorgon as a new killer along with the Hawkins National Laboratory added ad a location.

Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Characters

On August 16, Behaviour Interactive issued a post that announces the closure of the Stranger Things Chapter on November 17. The characters will be still playable after the date but it will be impossible for the players to purchase them from the store.
It means that player who does not own this Chapter will be permanently ruled out of the
Demogorgon playstyle. And also if you leave the game, the Stranger Things theme-based map Hawkins Laboratory will be no longer available to access the location.
This news strikes the audience as a lightning shock for the audience and for those also who were considering the fourth season of this show. After this sudden removal, Stranger Things content will be available at a minimum price in the stores for a limited edition.
It will be starting from August 18 all the three characters along with Stranger Things from the Edition of Dead by Daylight will be on sale till September 1, their outfits till September 8, and the individual characters will be available at half price till November 17.
So what do you think Behaviour Interactive will come up with some ideas or the things will remain as it is?
Stay tuned for more updates………..

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