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Dwayne Johnson Confirms Black Adam Has Finished Filming

Black Adam
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Black Adam Updates: Dwayne Johnson bestows a Black Adam set video marking the end of filming. The forthcoming DCEU movie will join Johnson with Jungle Cruise filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra and focus on his eponymous antihero previously identified as Teth-Adam, a slave from Kahndaq who is given superpowers by the old wizard Shazam.

After berating his anew gained powers, Adam uses various happiness in jail and goes on to display the archnemesis of the superhero Shazam.

With so few design characteristics to serve with, it’s unclear how much of this mythology the movie will accommodate. Given the character’s bond to Shazam, he basically prepared to debut in the 2019 DCEU movie Shazam!, but this idea was discarded in support of a solo lead agency for Johnson, who is currently one of the largest box office charts operating now.

Black Adam Production Details

Black Adam
Comics Beat

The movie has collected a nice group around him with Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, and Quintessa Swindell all starring as parts of the Justice Society of America, though it’s unclear if people will act as partners or opponents for the right role.

Johnson received a different video a week before declaring that Black Adam had begun its ultimate week of production and right on the record, the DCEU composition has presently covered filming. Black Adam has certainly had a large and hard path going to this time as it used years stuck in growth hell.

Once it was permanently available to start production, the COVID-19 pandemic hooked which created innumerable stoppages. Black Adam’s announcement time was driven back many times. At one time, it was programmed to debut this year, but WB decided on a summertime 2022 premiere.

Once Black Adam started shooting, though, it didn’t endure any additional obstacles, a striking success amidst the still continuing global pandemic.

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