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The Circle Season 3: Release Date, Spoilers and Latest Details

The Circle Season 3
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The Circle Season 3 Updates: The Circle, a Netflix reality show is known for many twists and turns. The seasons one and two of the social media competitions were surprising which eliminates the popular players and elevating the fewer chance people to the finale.

Now the Netflix is again ready with their shocker as Season 3 of The Circle is on the way after its release of the second season.

If you are new to the game, The Circle makes a group of your average social media users and sequences them in an apartment for a contest. Players never meet each other face-to-face but only communicate through a social media platform called The Circle.

The players get ranked from least to most popular after few days of networking and games. One player get eliminates from the game that gets the least popularity. The participant who makes it till the end of the game may be real or the catfish wins $100,000.

All About The Circle Season 3

The Circle Season 3
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The Circle Season 3 will be airing on September 8 after five months the Season 2 was premiered on April. The new season will be keeping a four-part schedule with few episodes each week till September 29 finale.

There was news that we will get two seasons of The Circle in one year and it was a shock to the fans and it portrays Netflix’s dedication towards this hit reality show. The showrunner has also announced that they will be renewing the show for Season 4 and 5 earlier this month.

There is a quick return of Season 3 due to expanded production during a pandemic. As per Distractify, both Seasons 2 and 3 of The circle were shot at the same time in the same building outside Manchester, England. Season 3 players also follow the same protocols as Season 2 players as the cast lands in Manchester and quarantined themselves for two weeks.

Production nearly ended in November 2020 so it means that Season 3 contestants are waiting nearly a year for their episodes to launch.

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