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The Circle Season 3: Nick Uhlenhuth Returning? Click to know

The Circle Season 3

The Circle Season 3 Updates: The cast member of The Circle season 3 Nick Ulenhuth with his “Big Nick Energy” is pretending to be a drummer as this Netflix star is an MIT graduate.

Netflix’s popular The Circle has been returning with its third season and among them which are leading is Texas state cast member Nick Ulenhuth. The main aim of this social media game is for the participants to stay in The Circle with the condition of staying true to their identities or pretending to be someone else.

As catfishing and playing dirty moves guarantee a player will not be blocked, there is Nick who is almost himself as he falsely claimed him as a drummer. As Nick hopes that his “evil mastermind” strategy would help him grab the coveted $100,000 prize, here is the full article related to The Circle star Instagram, job, age, and his life.

In order to win The Circle popular game, Nick has created a false profile that is not himself. Nick revealed that he works in a big tech company and also tried to “de-emphasize” everything that relates to being smart. Nick chooses to act as a “completely harmless and innocent” drummer as all the ladies contestants want Nick to talk nerdy to them.

The Circle Season 3: New Contestants

The Circle Season 3

The eyebrow-loving Nick thinks that he has a 95% chance of winning even though he got unlucky with Kai Ghost and Ruksana Carroll both being influencers.

On Instagram, Ulenhuth aged 27 has earned over 6,000 followers and has 39 posts telecasting his “Big Nick Energy” in the best and possible way. Nick has a photo with his ultimate wingman and French Bulldog Bruce in a baseball get-up. Bruce got passed away in 2020 and Nick now has adopted an adorable Mini Bernedoodle named Murphy.

Nick’s Instagram also depicts his hobbies like snowboarding, singing, rapping, horseriding, cycling, and more.

Nick was born in the early 1990s to Eric and Linda Ulenhuth in Louisville, Kentucky with his four siblings who include his twin brother Zack. Nick got graduated in 2016 and was working at Microsoft in Washington for five years when he got an offer of filming The Circle.

However, in season 3 Nick wanted his profile to give a flirty vibe and his flirtiness with Ashley aka Matthew Pappadia is being ready for his match.

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