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The Circle Season 3 Is Fully Happening—Here’s What We Know So Far

The Circle Season 3

The Circle Season 3 Updates: The Circle is an American reality show series produced by  Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group. It is presented by Michelle Buteau. It can be comparable with Big Brother and catfish in terms of rating.

Joey Sasso is the winner of the first season and the happiest one to receive $100000 prize money and Sammie Cimarelli won the fan-favorite award along with $10000 prize money.

Netflix renewed season 2 and season 3 at the same time. There is no official date released. But we can expect the season 3 will not take many months. Season 1 is dropped in January 2020. Season 2 is dropped in April 2021. So we can even expect season 3 in any month in 2022.

The Circle is conducting a contest in which everyone can participate. So here are the details of it.

You can apply 

The circle is taking applications still now. It may be for future seasons. So now season 2 is already going on. We can expect the applications for season 3.

Above is the link provided to apply.

The Circle Season 3: What is The Circle

The Circle Season 3

The Circle is a reality show hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau. The show includes an activity where the contestants are trapped in a building and they can communicate through social media. They can’t see the co-participants face to face. This means they pretend like others and can catfish others.

What is the final price?

1) They can receive fame

2) And $100,000 prize money

And fan-favorite can win $ 10000

How do you win?

Contestants are forced to rate their fellow contestants and then the top-rated contestant can block a fellow contestant. This will be cycled until one contestant left. He can take the prize money to his home.

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