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Nicolas Cage Says Wife Riko Shibata’s Pet Flying Squirrels Had a Hand in Their Love Story

Nicolas Cage
Vanity Fair

Nicolas Cage Updates: Nicolas Cage was assured his companion was the one following learning about her exotic pets. ET’s Lauren Zima addressed the 57-year-old star at the beginning of his latest flick, Pig, and he shared more aspects about his and his wife Riko Shibata’s affection story. Cage and Shibata knotted in a Las Vegas function last February and performed their red carpet appearance at the beginning.

“We fought in Japan and I assumed she was beautiful when I coincided with her. We had a lot in general,” Cage said ET. “She loves pets, too, so I questioned her, ‘Do you own any pets?’ And she replied, ‘Yes, I have flying squirrels.’ She had two sugar planes… I assumed, ‘That’s it. This could act out.'”

Tuesday’s opening indicated the first time Cage and Shibata have been openly photographed since their marriage.
“I’m pretty thrilled to take a photograph with her,” Cage gushed of his woman, who wrapped a black gown to the performance.

What Nicolas Cage Shared?

Nicolas Cage
Entertainment Tonight

As for the plan that Cage and Shibata were there to assist, the star said ET that he practiced on the part of a guy who works on a mission to get the character who took his piglet because he “compared to the emotions of destruction.”

“I lost a dog ages ago,” he stated. “… Particularly now when we passed over what everyone went into, you rely on animals.”

The movie has already earned significant recognition, a fact Cage named “a few unexpected and exciting.”
“I believe Gary Oldman told the quality of praise must never be practiced easily, so I embrace any sort of life,” he stated. “I’m very pleased with the answer.”

As he sees advancement in his profession, Cage responded that he stills thinks himself “very much a disciple” of performance, figuring that he has much more that he’d love to do in the following years.

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