Is Jurassic Park Replica of Indiana Jones Dinosaur Movie

Jurassic Park Updates: There is a release of new footage from the Jurassic Park next sequel starring Chris Patt being screened at CinemaCon.

If you are feeling lucky to watch F9 in IMAX earlier this year have watched the first promo of the next year Jurassic World: Dominion. The film starts 65 million years before at a time where a specific mosquito gets stuck in the middle which sets everything which will be coming next.

And surprising what comes next were the five movies and this is the sixth movie that will unite them together. Universal Pictures has ended its packed panel with premiering of new footage from the upcoming sequel at CinemaCon which will release on June 10, 2022.

IMAX has also previewed a quick view on what is happening in the post-world of Jurassic Fallen Kingdom but this footage went straight deeper into the roots.

Jurassic Park Dinosaur 

The footage ran approximately for 90 seconds and it is impossible to say all the scenes which the footage shows. The first image shows a pair of brachiosaurus led by a group of vehicles that look like a snow-covered quarry. After that in the same snowy set, Owen Grady is seen riding a motorcycle trying to chase some dinosaurs.

There were also scenes of Ellie Sattler trapped in a cage reminiscent, the one from the beginning of the film. There were also various shots shown like the jumping of mosasaurs out of Jurassic World, dilophosaurus screaming, and T-Rex rampaging.

Some scenes looked like a European city. We saw Claire Dearing jumping between the buildings while she was being chased by a velociraptor. A scene of Claire and Owen Grady jumping into an ancient tomb is also shown.

And there was a shot of Grady on a motorcycle running across down the streets chasing a raptor. It looked like scenes from Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, and James Bond but with the dinosaurs.

It will be exciting to see what The Jurassic Park: Dominion had in their stores next summer and the audience will be keen when this movie will hit into theatres.

Stay tuned for more updates……

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