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Emily Blunt Explains Why Dwayne Johnson’s Nickname Is ‘Toots’

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt Updates: Apart from “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson is currently playing “Honks”. ET’s Rachel Smith was chatting with Emily Blunt and Johnson before the arrival of Disney’s Jungle Cruise, where the couple discovered the meaning behind the famous actor’s charming nickname.

“It’s an old nickname,” Johnson discovered.

“It’s been around for a long time. I’ve always really appreciated calling it extreme, something sweet and beautiful. As if he’s texting me: ‘Okay, I’ll go now, see you on the set’ and I am similar to ‘It’s Okay Cupcake,’ “explained Blunt.

Johnson announced that they clicked immediately the first time they met.

“I mean when we first met we clicked right away, on the grounds that no one can say what the point where you meet someone will be, you are happy with their work, and I had seen the entirety of Emily’s films. She hadn’t seen any of mine, so everything went perfectly, “Johnson pointed out jokingly. “The moment we got together, we immediately realized that we had something.”

“It was just normal and people were like, ‘This is fun, play with it,'” added Blunt back and forth.

The cordial conversation between these protagonists also meant the screen.

What Emily Blunt Shared About Dwayne Johnson?

Emily Blunt
Olean Times Herald

“It’s a particularly interesting dynamic to watch them be banned from each other. They have so many ways of thinking about life and know what is really fun, much like the way they happen all the time, it’s just totally straightforward. So I think, it makes this interaction between them really funny and points to these Romancing The Stone films, “the star of A Quiet Place Part II clarified.” This conflict of two individuals somehow breaks into each other’s reality. ”

Science and the tension between their characters turn into a growing romance between the couple, hoping it will work in a sequel for what will surely be a Disney copy.

“I trust there will be,” said Blunt of a possible jungle cruise 2. “It would be great if there was one, ideally. Is it safe to say that we can say that? ”

” Absolutely totally. We are discussing this now, but one should never lose sight of the main topic. Usually, it depends on what the crowd is doing and how they react, no matter how you push the boundaries .. fingers and first signals for many viewers who saw the film effectively in our tests, they love it. They went to the deep end, so we’ll see, ”Johnson confirmed ideally.