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Rainbow Six Extraction Multiplayer and Gameplay Revealed

Rainbow Six Extraction
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Rainbow Six Extraction Updates: In Rainbow Six Extraction, streamers NarcolepticNugget and King George joined Ubisoft’s Chris Watters to demonstrate the game’s cooperative multiplayer.

The addition of extraterrestrial monsters to the equation in the latest Rainbow Six installment marks a significant departure from the franchise. Tactical mechanics and collaboration, on the other hand, remain in the foreground, as teams of three must deal with rising threats in a PvE experience.

Fans of Rainbow Six Siege’s PvP aspects may also find something to like. According to Creative Director Patrik Méthé, Siege players that push Extraction to its “highest potential” may face a challenge that exceeds that found in the 2015 hit.

Ubisoft has previously shown off a lot of Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay; today, the firm has provided an extended look at footage starring NarcolepticNugget, King George, and Ubisoft host Chris Watters. The film opens with the three-person team completing its first Incursion and moving on to the final mission goal.

However, approaching the finish seems to just attract more mayhem as the squad faces a diverse array of foes. The Bloater, which bursts upon death and produces a noxious gas that asphyxiates its foes on impact, is one of the alien threats on show.

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay

Rainbow Six Extraction

The video above provides a fantastic look at the action-packed gameplay included in Rainbow Six Extraction. With the game’s release only a few months away, Ubisoft is bound to show off even more of it in the following weeks.

While Extraction is a long cry from the grounded atmosphere of Siege, the new title’s premise is inspired by the latter’s limited-time Outbreak event.

Taking place during the 2018 expansion of Operation Chimera, Outbreak landed Team Rainbow into an epidemic-ravaged village in New Mexico that acted as the epicenter of a terrible outbreak.

The parasite that wreaked such havoc has since escaped confinement and made its way to numerous parts of the United States, including major cities on both the east and west coasts. Naturally, Team Rainbow has been summoned once more to deal with the evolving threat.

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