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How Rainbow Six Extraction Is Different Than Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction Updates: Cold Iron Studios’ Alien: Fireteam Elite and Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Extraction both come under the Co-op shooter genre with the same Alien theme. However, there are some significant differences between these two games.

The co-op shooter games Alien: Fireteam Elite is set to release on August 24 and Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on September 16.  Although these two games come under the same category, their gameplay varies completely from one another.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite was in development since 2018. The events in this game take place 23 years in the future from the ending of The Alien movie trilogy. Players will battle the threat of Xenomorphs and Weyland-Yutani synthetic enemies with a variety of weapons. This gameplay will add a new storyline to the Alien Universe.

Rainbow Six Extraction centers around an organization called REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team). REACT is made up of trained Rainbow Six Operators who are commissioned to take down an unknown Alien parasite creating havoc to the world. The gameplay takes the players to different containment zones to battle a variety of Archaen enemies. They will also lose a crew member if they fail the challenges.

The key features that distinguish these two games are as follows:

Rainbow Six Extraction: Timeline of the story:

Rainbow Six Extraction
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Rainbow Six Extraction’s players will battle the Archaens in the current-day timeline across the four regions of the United States. Whereas in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, players battle the Xenomorph threat in space in the timeline of 2202 aboard the USS Endeavor.

Customization of the characters:

Rainbow Six Extraction and Aliens: Fireteam Elite has a very different way of approaching its gameplay. Each game handles its character selection and customization differently. Aliens: Fireteam Elite players are allowed to choose from 5 distinct classes of Marine(Gunner, Technician, Demolisher, Recon, and Doc) as their character.

It also features a Perk Board that will be used to modify and improve the abilities of the characters.  Rainbow Six Extraction includes a set of 18 Hero characters for the gameplay.

Some heroes were already introduced as Rainbow Six Siege operators. Each hero has their unique abilities and gear. It can be improved through the progression in the game instead of dedicated perks.

Different angle in Gameplay:

In Rainbow Six Extraction, each map consists of orderly generated challenges that build up to a unique gameplay experience. These challenges can be handled as a group or individually without NPC assistance. Aliens: Fireteam Elite has a 3rd personal perspective to its gameplay.

The players can take up the challenges individually with NPCs assistance or with a group of a maximum of 2 players. This game provides a Challenge card that can be activated to provide a different gameplay experience in every playthrough.

Although Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Rainbow Six Extraction may appear similar at first sight, they are both completely different games. It is safe to say that the success of one game will not interfere the another despite their close release dates.

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