Emilia Clarke Vs Lena Headey: Which GOT Diva Has The Best Evening Dresses?

Emilia Clarke Vs Lena Headey Updates: Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey are the most well-known actresses all thanks to the HBO epic fantasy drama series, Game Of Thrones. They have huge fanbases, and with that, there is luxurious as well.

The latter is popularly known as Cersei Lannister for which she got international recognition. Emilia is popularly known as Daenerys Targaryen amongst her fans in the TV series, Game Of Thrones.

They have always had high standards when it comes to fashion. They don’t hesitate from trying out different dresses, let alone sporting the same shade outfits from top to bottom. All eyes are on them all the time whenever they visit any award show.

Emilia Clarke has a history of dropping her fans’ jaws whenever she goes out in the public with her glamorous looks. She is one of the best-dressed actresses who always blows everyone’s minds.

Talking about Lena Headey, she is one of the highest-paid actors on television. Although she wears robes on the show, her fashion sense in real life is pretty experimental. She attended the premiere of GOT in a pretty maxi with ruffled capped sleeves and a frill at the plunging neckline.

Emilia Clarke Vs Lena Headey

Harper’s Bazaar

Lena attended the premiere of Pride and Prejudice in a chic monochrome outfit. She wore the vintage mini dress and also paired them with black boots.

Nobody forgets the time she came in a gorgeous burgundy ball gown. Plunging neckline, backless outfit, and full skirt.

Going back to Emilia Clarke, the actress knows how to give exact attention to her style, and what would suit her the best. She is known for her minimalistic fashion sense.

At the 2016 golden globe, where the show was nominated for the second time as he best TV drama for the second time in a row. She wore a Neo-Gothic Valentino gown and had soft smokey eye the audience couldn’t get their eyes off her. Clarke shared her experience on the red carpet which was rather exciting. Well, we could have many opinions about who has got the better evening dresses.

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