Why A Game of Thrones Sequel Wouldn’t Fix Its Hated Series Finale

Game of Thrones Sequel Updates: HBO’s Game of Thrones ends with one of the most hated TV endings of the series, but it actually does A possible sequel to Season 9 failed to correct its wrong ending. Game of Thrones is adapted from a novel by George R.R. “A Song of Ice and Fire”.
Martin spent eight seasons recording the history of the noble family in the novel. The continent of Westeros, including its power struggles and dynamics in the Battle of the Iron Throne. By the fourth season of the series, it surpassed what was published in popular books, letting the presenters David Benioff and D.
Weiss explores characters in his own way. Expectations for the ending of his series and how he will complete the story of his cherished role. Outside the Great Wall, Sansa becomes the queen of Winterfell, Arya goes to explore the borders of Westeros, and Bran becomes the (controversial) King of Westeros.
The most controversial part of the ending occurred when the dragon’s mother and Targaryen’s heiress Daenerys were killed by John after the city was destroyed.

Game of Thrones Sequel: Every big house is expanded in Preston’s game

After the finale of “Game of Thrones” released in May 2019, fans around the world asked HBO to completely rewrite Season 8.
At present, there is no remake of “Game of Thrones” season 8, focusing on the development of “Dragon House” and other prequels. The next option is to create a series of sequels based on your favorite characters.
Unfortunately, even the sequel cannot solve the problem that “Game of Thrones” has obviously screwed up many character stories since then.
Some series restarted with hateful endings, such as Dexter fans, because this show can provide a more satisfying ending. Just like the open ending of the Stark family in Game of Thrones, Dexter’s ending is ambiguous, which allows the series to return and fix what went wrong.
The problem for Game of Thrones is that, unlike Dexter, it can’t just bring back one central character to fix the entire show’s ending. According to the overall composition of “Game of Thrones”, you need to recruit the most survivors.

  • “Game of Thrones” left an ambiguous ending to the Stark family, and there may be a separate sequel.
  • The ending has been removed, but this may not be enough to preserve the legacy of the ending.

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