Robert Downey Jr. Shockingly Unfollows Marvel Cast on Instagram and Fans are Heartbroken

Robert Downey Jr. Updates: We’ve all done it. Every once in a while, you decide to clear up the number of records you follow through online media and make the extreme choice to unfollow a couple of gathering you’ve lost contact with, like ex-partners.

For sure, when you’re Robert Downey Jr., that fundamental exhibit can cause inevitable shock and hopelessness on the web. This week, Marvel fans comprehended that the Iron Man performer has unfollowed the aggregate of his fellow MCU stars on Instagram. In addition, they are going crazy.

As word spread, the MCU being a fan got dire to know the reason for Downey’s amazing on the web media lead.

“This is so upsetting.”

“It takes after the finish of a significant time-frame.”

Why, Mr. Self-evident, WHY?!

“React to me!”


Basically, he really follows any similarity to Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Tom Holland on Twitter.

What Robert Downey Jr. Shared About this?

Entertainment Weekly

All things considered, what’s going on here? Has Downey had an enormous beat down with his Avengers co-stars? Uh, no, we’re practically sure he hasn’t. In case you research who Downey is following on Instagram, you’ll see he’s soon after 43 records – and there aren’t some different performers among them. Maybe he’s confined his feed to affiliations, brands, CEOs, and driving figures in various fields.

Again, he’s really following his old Marvel amigos on Twitter, which may change soon if Downey decides to work up his Twitter channel likewise, or it may not. In case he kills them from his Twitter, it seems, by all accounts, to be sensible the star is essentially going on an online media scrub and isn’t despising his MCU family expressly.

The OG Avengers, explicitly, have reliably had a strong bond so that is presumably not going to change anytime sooner rather than later.

Fans don’t need to worry about some enthusiastic squabble, then, nonetheless, it’s legitimate why Downey’s Instagram development is having the opportunity to individuals so much. It does also get back the likelihood that Robert Downey Jr. is done with the foundation. In light of everything, until those Ironheart and What If… ? stories are maybe shown legitimate.

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