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Jennifer Aniston LolaVie hair brand debuts with its first product

Jennifer Aniston
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Jennifer Aniston Updates: Aniston, who has been known for her hair since she first wore “The Rachel” on “Friends,” debuted the first product in her LolaVie brand, a glossing detangler, on Wednesday. Jennifer Aniston has already unveiled her first product, a glossing detangler ($25), less than a week after announcing the launch of her cosmetic line LolaVie.

The 52-year-old actress spoke with People about her foray into the haircare market, describing the cruelty-free, vegan detangler as “the Swiss army knife of hair treatments” because of its plethora of features, including heat protection and shine improvement.

While she put the 99 percent natural recipe to the test on friends with “various sorts of hair,” it was her own mane — and its “300 personalities” — that prompted her to create it in the first place. “Not one strand is doing the same thing,” she said, implying that her condition may be “punishment” for her desire for a dramatic chop as a youngster.

Jennifer Aniston hair brand debuts

Jennifer Aniston
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Her new brand’s name is also a reference to the name of the old automobile Aniston purchased after relocating to California. “Every time I came over, they’d be like, ‘Lola’s here,’” says the actress. So it simply became a nickname for me anytime I showed up [somewhere],” she explained.

Aniston’s name appears to be easy to pronounce. While she told People that Sara Vaughan’s song “Whatever Lola Wants” influenced her, she sang about another Lola onscreen, belting out “Copacabana” in the legendary Barry’s wedding scene on “Friends.”

The name is now emblazoned on the black-and-white bottles of Aniston’s product line, which might be expanding shortly. “Right now, it’s hair, but I’ve got a million ideas boiling in my head. “I don’t believe in boundaries,” Aniston remarked.

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