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Friends: Rachel Sabotaged Two Of Ross’ Relationships In The Same Way


Friends Updates: Ross and, Rachel the most iconic duo of Friends series, that was an on and off, part perfect and toxic. With toxic relationships comes “The Cool Friend” jealousy and possessiveness. Friends became the most famous sitcom series over a period of time.

Rachel was also one of the greatest television characters of all time, though she is known to be naïve a very sweet and understanding person. Ross is also presented as a very sweet and caring person though over time he also gets abusive and insecure. Though the couple gets together in the Second season Ross had relationships before this, while Rachel perfectly destroyed them.

In Season One, there is only Ross’s unrequited love as Rachel sees Ross only as Monica’s brother, and Rachel realizing how she feels about Ross only in the end while Ross starts a relationship with Julie. Season Two when they are romantically involved, the season starts off with Ross dating Julie only to leave her when he realizes that Rachel has been pinning for him.

Season Three is when the relationship starts to actually get toxic and they start their, on and off relationship and Ross starts dating Bonnie. Where it ends with Ross having to choose between Bonnie and Rachel. We all know who he ended up choosing anyways.

Friends Iconic Duo


Season Four still continues with there, on and off relationship while Ross starts dating Emily and the couple is headed to a wedding. Rachel decides to sabotage this relationship again by going to London to break the wedding and Ross ends up saying Rachel’s name at the altar.

Season Five just shows a platonic friendship between them Ross is coping up with a broken wedding and a divorce where the duo leaves, for Vegas in the end. Where they get drunk one thing leads to another and they get married in Season Six when they are drunk. They get a divorce and Ross dates Elizabeth a college student and Rachel dates her father for a short time. Season Seven just shows a platonic relationship, again.

In Season Eight Rachel gets pregnant and we get to know that Rachel and Ross did actually sleep together, Ross starts to date Mona but Rachel being pregnant breaks them off until Joey enters the scene.

Season Nine is complete havoc as Rachel gets her baby and Ross proposes to her and she ends up thinking Joey did, this season also has a love triangle where Joey ends up asking Charlie out. Season Ten does it for them as Ross stirs to date Charlie again but there aren’t any sparks. This leaves a clear path for Rachel and Ross as they finally get together in Season Ten. And we continue to hope they stay together though they had a rough ten years.

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