How Does Henry Cavill Superman Salary Compare to His $400K Per Episode for ‘The Witcher’?

Henry Cavill Updates: Henry Cavill has gone from a fan favorite on The Tudors to a household name linked with numerous classic roles, including Superman and Geralt of Rivia, in the last two decades. His role as Clark Kent in Man of Steel helped propel him to prominence, but his role in Netflix’s The Witcher has given him much more exposure.

It also netted him a sizable payout, totaling several million dollars by the end of the first season. What is Cavill’s compensation for The Witcher, and how does it compare to his Superman salary?

Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, a role he requested before the streaming service even gave the show a full series order. Cavill has long been a fan of The Witcher games and literature, and he knew he wanted to give it his best for the role. He and showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich told the story of how he got the part during a San Diego Comic-Con panel in 2019 — and it proved that persistence pays off.

Cavill reportedly continued pressuring his representatives to phone her and arrange up a meeting with her. Despite the fact that he needed to concentrate on screenplays, Hissrich eventually gave in.

Despite the fact that 207 other actors auditioned, Hissrich kept coming back to Cavill. It appears that Cavill’s strategy worked out in the end – at least, he doesn’t seem to regret going to such lengths.

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Cavill is one of the highest-paid TV performers today, according to Variety’s study on 2021 television salary. He earns $400K each episode working on The Witcher, according to the publication. The first season of the show had eight episodes, resulting in a $3.2 million payout for the first installment. Because The Witcher Season 2 has the same amount of episodes as the first, Cavill is expected to earn another $3.2 million.

Although it is a respectable wage for a Superman actor, Cavill is on the bottom end of Variety’s compensation scale. Even still, $400K each episode is a great chunk of dough.

According to TheThings, the actor earned $300,000 in basic salary for the 2013 picture Man of Steel, but it doesn’t include any performance-related incentives. Cavill got $14 million on Man of Steel, according to Elle, although the source later admitted the number was unverified. It also didn’t say how much money was made upfront or how much came from box office incentives.

With that in mind, it’s difficult to estimate how much Cavill earned for Man of Steel in total.

However, it appears that when he originally took on the role, he was paid less than he gets now for The Witcher. Of course, now that he’s a more in-demand star, his contracts are likely to have been renegotiated.

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