Doctor Who season 13: BBC head suggests Jodie Whittaker’s departure will lead to a “radical” shift

Doctor Who season 13 Updates: The 39-year-old actress made her first appearance on the show in 2017 as the first female Doctor Who. The BBC is promising sci-fi enthusiasts a change of pace for the next period, with Jodie’s term coming to an end in 2022 after an upcoming series and a handful of specials.
Whittaker and executive producer Chris Chibnall recently revealed that they will be departing Doctor Who after season 13 and a series of special feature-length episodes have aired. Piers Wenger, the BBC’s drama director, assured supporters that their departure will bring about change.
Whittaker was hired by Chibnall, who took over the program in the same year and became the Time Lord four years ago. She established herself as one of the best Doctors in recent years after being rated the second most popular of all time, after David Tennant, in a Radio Times survey of more than 50,000 people.

Doctor Who season 13: Characters Departure

Chibnall and Whittaker will both be departing the sci-fi drama after receiving several accolades and nominations for their efforts. He announced earlier this month that their time on the program had come to an end and it was time to “give over the keys of the Tardis.”
But, as the next Time Lord, who will take Whittaker’s place? A few well-known actors are in the running for the time-traveling job. According to Ladbrokes, Olly Alexander of Channel 4’s It’s A Sin might be the next Doctor Who season 13.
Former Death in Paradise actor Kris Marshall is also rumored to be in the running for the part. Marshall is most known for playing DI Humphrey Goodman in the BBC comedy-drama DI Humphrey Goodman, as well as starring in Love Actually.

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