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Doctor Who Season 13: Master Actor Responds To Fan Spinoff Pitch

Doctor Who Season 13

Doctor Who Season 13 Updates: Sacha Dhawan who played the role of Doctor Who responds to a tweet of his fan which suggested for his character Master spinoff show on which he tweeted back that we “really don’t” want to see what he is up to.

The actor Sacha Dhawan who played the role of The Master in Doctor Who reverted back to the tweet of a fan who asked him for a Master spinoff show. His first appearance as The Master was in the first episode of the series, “Spyfall Part 1.” The role of Dhawan was depicting a villainous Time Lord who can grow back its body when it gets injured. This was his ninth on-screen performance as Time Lord and he received many credits.

Dhawan’s introduction of The Master was in Doctor Who’s 12th series where he creates difficulties and obstacles for The Doctor and her companions in their voyage towards space. He introduces himself during the climax of “Spyfall Part 1” which disguised himself as agent O. At the end of this episode it was believed that The Master was assumed to be dead which erases all his life by Death Particle. But he became the favorite of his fans who hope he would return back.

On Twitter, the fan of Dhawan jokingly pinched for The Master comeback show as they want to see more of it on which Dhawan reacted back with a tweet, “You really don’t…” along with an emoji with a finger on the lips.

Doctor Who Season 13 Spinoff

Doctor Who Season 13
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These types of shows are much better than showing the alien concept of Doctor Who. Captain Jack Harkness also returns to the show in “Revolution of the Daleks” which precedes the series Torchwood.

The Sarah Jane Adventures is followed by Sarah Jane Smith and the 2016 Class is based on school teenagers where his friend Clara Oswald works. This series also featured actors from Doctor Who which includes Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

As Dhawan does not give any hint in his tweet, but the tweet we “really don’t” want to see adds that he is on his way for his such similar character during his journey. And the addition of the emoji “shh!” adds spice to the tweet indicating secretively. It is also not clear that whether Dhawan will return to his character in Doctor Who.

Master was assumed to be dead at the ending of the 12th series it will not be a big issue to regenerate his character. But with the dismissal of Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker leaving the show, the show maker might be looking for the new Master for the new series of Doctor Who 13 which is due till now.

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