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Will Sky Rojo have a Season 3 on Netflix?

sky rojo season 3

Sky Rojo Season 3 Updates: Coral, Gina and Wendy could return with new misadventures in the series from the creators of  ‘Money Heist’.
Once again, the Sky Rojo showrunners have once again played on the emotions of the viewers with the adrenaline-pumping finale of their second season. The outcome was open to the surprise of many, who contemplated that the hatred of Moisés (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) could complicate everything. Are we at the beginning of a new plot?

At the moment, Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of the series, but everything indicates that it could be like that. Its creators Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, responsible for La casa de Papel, have also shown themselves more than willing on several occasions to continue drawing a story for the characters of Club Las Novias.

What could happen in Sky Rojo Season 3?

sky rojo season 3 cast

After Coral (Verónica Sánchez) was left one-eyed in her escape from Moisés, she managed to get on the ferry with Gina (Yani Prado) and Wendy (Lali Espósito). Before leaving, she and Moisés say goodbye to their toxic relationship with gunshots. Christian (Enric Auquer) seems to pass away in this hectic finale, but not before seeing his mother dead.

Despite the cruelty of Romeo (Asier Etxeandia), Moisés blames the three girls for all his ills . This hatred would be the seed of new episodes in which the henchman could follow the leads of the protagonists to end them. The apparent criticism of prostitution from the first season has thus taken a 360 degree turn to focus on the aversion between the protagonist couple .

Although the plot presents multiple possibilities to continue, everything will depend on the results among the international audience this second season. The first obtained good data in Spain, but went quite unnoticed in the rest of the world. Something similar to what happened to Pina with her previous series White Lines , which was canceled after its 1Q .

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