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Marvel’s ‘What if …?’ Season 2 will have more Captain Carter

Marvel's 'What if ...?' Season 2

Marvel’s ‘What if …?’ Season 2 Updates: The creators of the Marvel animated series promise that we will see the super-soldier again.
Sometimes justice takes a long time to arrive, but despite everything, it ends up manifesting itself in unexpected ways. For example, the episode dedicated to Peggy Carter in the series What if …? has provided comfort to fans of Marvel’s most underrated character. To such an extent, in fact, that Hayley Atwell’s super-powered alternate version will appear in the series’ second stage.

During a press conference (via The Playlist ), executive producer Brad Winderbaum has admitted that Captain Carter will continue to appear on the show. “In the early stages of development, when we started getting the scripts [from AC Bradley] and looking at the story arc, we realized there was going to be one character that would stand out from the rest,” he says.

Marvel’s ‘What if …?’ Season 2 Updates

Marvel's 'What if ...?' Season 2

According to the producer, this version of Peggy “has a very close relationship with the Watcher, who is the driving force behind the series.” “As we developed the second season, we realized that Captain Carter was going to be the character who would reappear.”

Recall that, after appearing in Captain America: The First Avenger, Atwell starred in Agent Carter, a series that showed his activity as a secret agent after World War II and that only lasted two seasons.

Furthermore, Winderbaum has also (timidly) pointed out that the alternate realities depicted in What If …? they will be seen in the standard continuity of the MCU.

“They’re part of the same tapestry, so those fun threads are going to be… there’s a lot of potential in there,” he commented. Then add: “This is Marvel, you know. And, as we all know, there is always a strange alchemy. Everything could be connected: we will have to see it.”

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