Marvel’s What If? Season 2: Easter Egg & Spoilers

Marvel’s What If? Season 2 Updates: The upcoming Marvel animated series What If…? will not see Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr. in their roles as Dr. Strange, Captain America, and Iron Man respectively. Fans are not impressed.

MCU has been at a new high with shows like WandaVision and Loki being such big successes. One show that has been hotly anticipated is the animated series What If…? which will feature What if scenarios in the MCU.

Such an interesting concept surely piqued the curiosity of fans but they were soon disappointed when it became known that Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, and more won’t be appearing as voices in the series.

At first, it seemed like Robert Downey Jr. would appear as the voice of Iron Man in the series but it looks like the actor seems to have moved on from Iron Man after his character’s death in Avengers: Endgame. But it seems fans are extremely disappointed by the fact that Downey, Chris Evans, and Benedict Cumberbatch won’t be providing their voice work in the series.

One fan of Cumberbatch pointed out on Twitter that Cumberbatch is a professional voice actor who has narrated over 50 audiobooks and BBC documentaries, and was kept out of the What If…? series.

Marvel’s What If? Season 2 Spoilers


While it is true that it is weird that a professional actor like Cumberbatch was not a part of the animated series, it could mean that there was a scheduling issue as he is a very busy actor.

Even though such major MCU characters are not a part of the series, fans are rejoicing at the fact that they will be able to hear Chadwick Boseman again as Black Panther. Boseman was able to do a recording for his character before his untimely death in August last year.

The series will see other major MCU actors too like Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L Jackson, Josh Brolin, and Hayley Atwell.

An interesting theory came up on Twitter which stated that the show could introduce variants of Iron Man and Captain America and be voiced by different actors. As the Disney+ series, Loki introduced the concept of variants, it will be interesting to see the two shows tied up in this way.

If the theory does come true, it will be good to see some professional voice actors get a chance to be a part of the MCU.

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