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Brad Pitt Tried to Convince His Parents Not to Watch ‘Fight Club’

Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt Updates: Fight Club has been one of the best movies of its time and the film has a large following even today and it remains a classic even this day. It had a disappointing opening night which brought in a lot of critics but the movie itself made its mark which is more than enough for a film to be good. Many years later it gained even more popularity.

The film had very good chemistry between Brad Pitt and Edward Norton which slowly turned into real-life bromance which lives to date. When the movie was released, Brad Pitt had to convince his parents not to watch the movie.

Fight Club is a movie about a man known as the Narrator who is not happy with his possessions and job. He has chronic insomnia and attends various support groups pretending to suffer from varying ailments. His bliss is short-lived when Marla Singer, another poser, begins attending the same groups as him, so the two decide to split the ones they attend.

Brad Pitt Shared Why He Did want his parents to watch ‘Fight Club’

Brad Pitt

The two actors were fully committed to the roles and they were too much into the roles and they also took taekwondo classes as well. Pitt also had his front tooth chipped as a preparation for the role.

The graphics in this movie is brutal and too much to watch for some people and Brad Pitt didn’t want his parents to watch the movie for this exact same reason. It is horrifying for the parents to watch their child acting in a movie that has too much blood and makes it look like their kid is getting hurt.

This is what happened in the movie, when the chemical reaction scene came on, Pitt’s parents just stopped watching the movie and move away from the screen. The stars got paid a lot with the lead roles getting paid with hefty salaries.

Pitt got paid a whopping $17.5 million for his role in the movie. Let us know what you think about this and make sure to stay tuned for more updates.