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Scott Adkins Wants to Star in a Road House Reboot

Scott Adkins

Road House Reboot Updates: In a recent Twitter interaction, actor and martial artist Scott Adkins expressed interest in starring in a remake of the 1989 cult classic action movie, Road House.

The 1989 movie stars the late Patrick Swayze as the protagonist. Swayze plays the character of James Dalton, a tough bouncer, who is hired to smooth things in a dirty bar in Jasper, called the Double Deuce. The movie also starred Sam Elliot as Dalton’s close friend and mentor and Kelly Lynch as Elliot’s love interest. Ben Gazzara’s Brad Wesley was the movie’s main antagonist, a corrupt businessman who runs the town quietly.

Road House is a cult classic action movie known mostly for its bar fights and cheesy action scenes. However, it has been argued that the movie has a deeper philosophical meaning to it. The argument mainly arose from Dalton’s three basic rules as a bouncer and his violent past of using lethal force. The film originally received a modest box office success and later became a cult hit when it was released on home video and cable television.

The talks of a reboot for the cult classic film arose recently on Twitter when actor and martial artist Scott Adkins expressed interest in a Road House remake. Scott’s tweet was prompted by a fan who tweeted that they wanted to see a Road House remake and would like to see Scott Adkins in the movie. Adkin replied to the tweet by saying that it was the greatest idea he has ever heard, giving a thumbs up to the suggestion.

All About Road House Reboot

Scott Adkins

This is not the first time that a remake of Road House has been in the talks, in fact, it has been years since a remake of the cult movie has been trying to get off the grounds.

In 2013, it was announced that Fast and Furious fame Rob Cohen would direct the remake but the announcement did not lead to any concrete development. A few years later, the talks of the possible remake resurfaced, this time with UFC superstar Ronda Rousey being cast as the star of the film.

When concerns about Rousey’s acting capabilities arose, the project fell apart quietly. Many would not know this but Road House had a sequel that came out in 2006 direct-to-DVD. Since the movie is largely unknown, fans of the cult film are still interested in a worthy remake.

The tweet has put up Adkins as a new candidate for the Road House remake. Adkins’ career mostly consists of direct-to-video action flicks but the actor has also appeared alongside idol Jean-Claude Van Damme in four films. The actor has also appeared in blockbusters like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and more recently in Doctor Strange.

While it is vastly known that the remakes of 80’s movies don’t do well at the Box office or with the critics, if Scott Adkins is to be cast as the lead of Road House remake, his prowess as an actor and a martial artist would ensure the success of the reboot of the cult classic.