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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Says English Voice Recording Came First

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Updates: Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy 16, recently revealed that the recording of the English voice acting of the game is further ahead that the Japanese recordings.

Final Fantasy 16 producer discussed that the production of the game’s English voice acting is further along than the Japanese voice acting. The status of the development of the game is not yet known and it is unclear whether it will beat FF7 Remake Part 2 to the shelves.

The trailer for Final Fantasy 16 was released during the PS5 showcase event. The trailer revealed the game’s cinematics as well as a few snippets of the gameplay. The trailer reveal, however, is not an indication that the game will be released soon.

FF7 Remake came out five years after it was first revealed. It could be the same with FF16, especially with the delay in production due to COVID-19.

Final Fantasy 16 English Voice Recording

Final Fantasy 16

FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida recently made a television appearance where he discussed the game’s development. A Twitter user posted the points of discussion. Yoshida revealed some information on the voice acting production of the game.

He said that the English voice recording was done first and involved facial motion capture for almost all scenes. This is the reason why the English voice production is further along than the Japanese one which still has a lot to do to catch up.

The voice acting development is not an indication that the game is nearing completion. Voice acting can be finished in the early stages of development and tweaked later on. The fact that the English voice acting is taking precedence over the Japanese recording, is very interesting.

The reason is for Square Enix’s target for a worldwide release for the mainline Final Fantasy games. Square Enix is a Japanese Company but the global popularity of the game made them give the English voice recording priority for FF16.

FF16 is still far from completion and the indication came from Yoshida himself. He said that the game won’t appear at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show as it was not developed enough to be presented to the public yet. The game did not appear at E3 2021 either.

Final Fantasy has several upcoming games before FF16 releases. Stranger in Paradise, Pixel Remasters, and Endwalker are set to release before FF16. The game won’t be getting a release before the end of 2022 especially with the voice production still at work. The trailer launch for FF16 could just be to excite the fans and the next tease for the game will come right before the release.

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