A Look At Millie Bobby Brown Relationship History

Millie Bobby Brown Updates: Though a teenager, Millie Bobby Brown had been in the headlines many times regarding her relationships. While some of her “Stranger Things” fans might find her onscreen romance with co-star Finn Wolfhard convincing and endearing, they have never had anything more than a working relationship.

In 2017, she was linked to Jacob Sartorius, the “Chapstick” singer. In a photo posted on Brown‘s Instagram Stories, on December 31, 2017, she sported a blissful smile while resting her head on Sartorius’ shoulder.

Starting from a few flirty interactions on Instagram, Us Weekly reported that they rang in the New Year together at Walt Disney World, but, by July 2018, it ended. Brown claimed that it “was completely mutual” and that they planned to remain friends (via People). In January 2019, Sartorius and Brown were back on social media in the same shirt on separate IG pics. However, if there was a reconciliation, it did not last long.

Millie Bobby Brown Relationships


In March 2019, though The Sun reported that Brown was dating David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo Beckham, later, Brown and British rugby player Jason Robinson’s son Joseph Robinson confirmed that they were a couple in January 2020.

On his Snapchat, Joseph shared a mirror selfie where his arms circled around Brown’s waist and reportedly met her during a trip to the Maldives ahead of the winter holidays. By August 2020, insiders claimed that they separated because of their respective busy schedules.

TikTok Hunter “Echo” Acimovic is said to have dated Brown in 2020 when they were 16 and 20 respectively. Photos on social media showed him kissing Brown, and they were seen together in an Instagram Live session. He made sexually explicit claims about his relationship with Brown and also confessed that he had “groomed her.”

Being unapologetic initially, he alleged that Brown’s parents did not object to their relationship and that he even resided at her house for eight months. After getting warned by TMZ, Echo seemingly tried to mitigate the damage by sharing a now-unavailable apology video on TikTok.

On July 10, Brown was pictured with her arm draped around Bongiovi’s neck and her cheek pressed against his forehead in a photo on her Instagram Stories.

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