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The Suicide Squad Cast Has Thoughts on John Cena’s Package

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Updates: Suicide Squad is a group of crazy DC Comics villains. The actors they play are also wild. Three times at the press conference of the film. Senna is played by Idris Elba, Pete Davidson, Michael Rook, Joel Kinnaman, and writer/director James Gunn. We will introduce more cast members in the show business cheat sheet earlier, but we will first introduce the latest content of the Cena package.

John Cena shows his package in The Suicide Squad.

Senna plays the peacemaker, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) is one of the villains chosen for the final mission. Along with Bloodsport (Elba Island), the Peacemaker vie for the top scorer, and Senna might have an advantage if he only wore boxer shorts when he woke up in the camp.

“We don’t want to talk about John’s very white scene,” Elba said.

Davidson is not in the intense white scene. The first time he saw it was during a screening of the Suicide Squad.

“Hey brother, you have a huge rooster,” Davidson said. “I’ve seen the screening of this movie. You have a big piece, buddy.

The Suicide Squad

Rucker added, “It’s not even a penis, but a trunk.

Sina calmly accepted the compliment of the penis.

“There are so many talented roles, actors and actress professionals,” Senna said. “We just spent half a minute or more talking about my dick. I’m very happy about it.”

When John Cena’s package appeared again

In the middle of the press conference, the actors discussed the issue of Gunn allowing them to improvise in the suicide squad. Kinnaman took this opportunity to publish in the press. Impromptu at the meeting.

“But John’s bulge does bring us closer together,” Kinnaman said.

Gunn interrupted and said, “I’m surprised that John didn’t wear his peace messenger clothes. “