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The Suicide Squad: Warner Bros. Told James Gunn to Do Whatever the F–k You Want, Says Jai Courtney

The Suicide Squad
Slash Film

The Suicide Squad Updates: Things were looking bleak when director James Gunn was sacked from Marvel in 2018 for some previous tweets. Thankfully, Warner Bros. picked him up before he had a chance to fall, entrusting him with the direction of The Suicide Squad.

Gunn had already directed ensemble perfection in Guardians of the Galaxy, so WB was obviously hoping he could do the same for their motley crew of antiheroes. However, there will be more bloodshed and mayhem.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s family-friendly approach meant that some items were forbidden, the DCEU offered more variety. With The Suicide Squad, Gunn, who got his start with Troma’s shock-movie titans, can finally let his freak flag fly.

In a recent interview with Variety, Jai Courtney, star of The Suicide Squad, revealed how much DC allowed the director to get away with. Courtney took a moment at the screening of his new film Jolt, which he co-wrote with Kate Beckinsale, to discuss how much creative license Gunn was given.

All About The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad
Slash Film

Courtney described his role in the movie as a man who vanishes “off the face of the planet” after two dates with the woman. But that’s all he can say without giving anything away. He explained, “He’s an accountant who works for a very particular customer.”

“It’s crazy, dude. It’s so bizarre. James Gunn is an evil genius in a way and the movie is really something that is representative of what he is capable of. He really pushed the boundaries. He was basically given the keys and told, ‘Do whatever the fuck you want,’ and he did.”

If early chatter is any indication, giving Gunn complete reign was the right decision.

“It’s obviously violent, but it’s also extremely hilarious and funny, with a lot of heart and soul,” Courtney remarked. Captain Boomerang, who was vaporized in David Ayer’s original Suicide Squad, will be resurrected by him. (This is not a sequel to Ayer’s disaster from 2016.)

If Gunn can bring the energy of his first two films to the DCEU, The Suicide Squad could be something really special. I can’t wait to see Gunn get back to his heartfelt horror roots, especially with this kind of cast and budget.

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6, 2021

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