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Genshin Impact Giving Free Primogems For 2.0 Update Server Downtime

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Updates: Genshin Impact player Live 2.0 updates can get some free Primo gems as compensation for the server downtime.

Genshin Impact Players can claim Prime games as compensation for server downtime related to newly issued 2.0 updates, which were launched on July 21. And can get some free Primo gems as compensation for the server downtime.

What are the important updates in Genshin Impact 2.0?

Genshin Impact players can grab some free Primogems as compensation for server downtime related to the 2.0 update that went live on July 21. Genshin Impact’s Primogems are a type of premium in-game currency used to purchase the Battle Pass upgrade, Wish. Or can also be done for original resin replenishment.

The 2.0 update to the free-to-play fantasy RPG is significant, introducing not only new characters, quests, and monsters but also a whole new area for players to explore. Known as the Inazuma Zone, the location features three areas available to players at level 30 or above.

We will use new weapons for the first time, including Mistplitter Reforged, which will help deal elemental damage to the user’s likeness. As far as new characters, the 2.0 update launch introduced Kamisato Ayaka (a Cyro swordsman), which was playable during the game’s first closed beta testing. More characters will come in Genshin Impact in the future.

How to get free Primo gems?

Genshin Impact

Developer Mihayo has revealed full details on the 2.0 update, titled “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia,” and how players can claim their PrimoGem compensation. Server downtime maintenance compensation will be 60 primo gems per hour for 300 primo gems that are server down.

On top of this, players can also claim another 300 PrimoGems for “issue fix compensation”. Both bonuses will be awarded to players who reach Adventure Rank 5 and above before 7 July 2021 06:00 (UTC+8) Anyone claiming their compensation will be required to update (PC, iOS, PS4, and PS5) Testing or following the on-screen instructions (Android).

The 2.0 update initially launched to explore three new areas: Narukami Island, Kanazuka, and Yashiori Island. I will give spaces out for use after players complete the “Chapter II: Act I – Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia” arcane quest. As well as new areas, players can enjoy access to several new domains including the Domain of Fraud, the Domain of Mastery, and the Domain of Blessing.

The 2.0 update to Genshin Impact, one of the biggest free-to-play RPGs so far, has been a tremendous success and is likely to wow even more games with the Nintendo Switch. Although a Switch port has been announced, someone rumored that Genshin is experiencing difficulties on the Impact Switch hardware. If true, there will be more to contend with the port 2.0 update, which is available at around 2.0GB on mobile and 6.5GB on PC and PlayStation.