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James Gunn Says Superhero Genre Needs to “Bring in Other Elements” to Avoid Becoming Boring

James Gunn
The Hollywood Reporter

James Gunn Updates: James Gunn pays close attention to his upcoming DC movie “Suicide Squad“. He shared his indifference to the hero’s current state, calling the comic book transition “really stupid” and “mostly annoying at this point.”.

In a new meeting with the Irish Times, the head of the Guardian of the Galaxy announced that he thought the class should change something and “get a different composition” to avoid aging. He focused on the rise and fall of other movies. Genres like war movies and westerns prove that if nothing changes, the future of the class will be “incredibly boring.”

“We are thinking about what a bull tongue movie is, what a war movie is,” he said. “I don’t know, I think you don’t have to be a master of the art to draw obvious conclusions. Seeing that there is a cycle in these movies, the lonely wait for the final destiny of comics and Superman movies to change. They are really idiots. Besides, They make me feel tired for the time being.”

Gann made it clear that in general, he had no experience of these transformations. He “liked it from the beginning” and later realized that developing special visualizations was one of the main functions. The reason is that his own blue screen is keen to teach with the help of this special visualization. terrible. “At this point, he also specifically mentioned Marvel’s Iron Man, which is another exciting example of the hero movie when it was released.

What James Gunn Says About Superhero Movies

James Gunn
The Hollywood Reporter

” [When] Iron Man was released, I went in. You are ready to blow up a man who looks like a close man. Besides, being able to do this is a great thing,” Gunn continued.

Then the boss revealed his two innovative motives and explained What his hypothesis meant for the class. Gann quietly began to study things such as wardrobes, and how many legends on the screen showed that physical diversity and mixed or unique styles are things he usually appreciates outside of class.

“I have always been shocked by the abilities of Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore’s Keepers. Their costumes are not perfectly close to superheroes, and they have a little courage,” Gunn said. “Not all people have perfect bodies. , Not all of them are great. By the time they quarreled, they were a bit attracted by Battubby’s nonsense about bar fights. ”

Although he made some summary of the class’s remarks, Gann finally admitted that it is far away from a stone monument.” There are others who try to do different things with superheroes,” he said. “So this is not 100% The standard is not used by everyone, but many hero movies are boring. ”

When he encountered his own expression elements, speaking of the upcoming heroic film “Suicide Squad”, Gunn said that the studio, in order to capture the “big” and “extensive” experience, called it “an exhibition about war.” The movie”, “is the best. “…Every point of the script is well done and timely “and used” more practical decorations than we have used in the movie.