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Genshin Impact Player Explains Yoimiya Is Broken & Needs To Be Fixed

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Updates: The Genshin Impact player has identified several issues with the new five-star character of the game, pyrotechnician expert Yoimiya, including the release of his damage, the automatic identification method, and the short distance.

Yoimiya’s skills as an emerging invader were demonstrated in a photography game published by MiOHo engineers earlier this month. His historical record describes him as a great Inazuma expert.

The pyro user was featured as a character playing earlier this month, next to Sayu, 4-star character Anemo. While MiHoYo unveiled the statue of Yoimiya’s history, the engineer portrayed her as a handsome, arrogant heroine who loves to light fireworks at Summer Celebration, earning her the title of “Queen” of the festival.

Yoimiya’s main competitive character builds the center on improving his attack power and pyro stat mechanically. His strikes and serious injuries are exacerbated by the use of powerful weapons such as the Thundering Pulse bow. Despite having a reputation for being a great attacker, the character has many obvious flaws compared to the other 5 characters.

Genshin Impact All About Yoimiya

Genshin Impact

Yoimiya is considered the best damage dealer by all nine Genshin Impact characters. However, his series of automatic attacks are often unattainable to what he is capable of when he has to flee or get away from future attacks. His arrows also miss their marker due to their incorrect direct steering system. This puts him at risk for attacks in conjunction with his low HP and defense.

On August 20, the upcoming Genshin Impact Update 2.1 webcast can offer a number of modifications to existing characters, including Yoimiya. MHOHOYo, on the other hand, is rumored to be focusing more on Banner’s next characters, such as Bali and Sarah.

It remains to be seen whether Yoimiya will eventually grow from the mistakes identified by the Confederations Party. Redditor makes it clear right at the beginning of his post that he intends to make his arguments instructive, examining the character’s flaws while emphasizing that people can enjoy playing like him.

Yoimiya still has many fans among Genshin Impact fans, many of whom make online guides for his great DPS pyromancer setups. Her good behavior made her popular, and no matter how her role worked, that support should only grow on the character. Perhaps Yehoiakim’s followers could find the good news on the broadcast. The live stream of Update 2.1 will commemorate one year game day, so expect a slew of exciting news for Genshin Impact players.